West Coast Swing Workshops

Learn, learn again and even dive into learning. No matter whether you started to dance - recently or you are experienced dancer: everyone will find tonns of interesting and useful material to improve their dance. Our instructors are happy to share their knowledge and secrets!

Workshop Pass, International Pass, Overseas Pass — all workshops at your level: 6 hours on Fri, Sat and Sun.
Weekend Pass — 4 hours of workshops at your level on Sat and Sun.

Levels of workshops

Newcomer / Novice Level — if you know quite well the basics of West Coast Swing, want to learn something new, discover new possibilities of dance and find yourself in this dance, with our experienced instructors help you will certainly succeed! And then you can easily take part in the competition: Newcomer or even Novice Jack n' Jill. In the program — how to be friends with the rhythm and to be with him on the same wavelenght, but grab your dance partner on this wave; how confidently lead and follow, if you very unsure inside; how to understand each other without any word and enjoy your dance, and many more.

Novice / Intermediate Level — in fact information will be intermediate level. For those who involved in West Coast swing more then a year or for those for whome the WCS is not the only known dance. You know how to dance to th music of different tempos you want to improve your technique and musicality. Novice level dancers on the basis of WSDC. The program include all Novice dancers need to know, all the nuances of rhythm, technique and partnerships, all things which help you to rich the next level, at least in your partners eyes, and a lot more interesting.

Intermediate / Advanced Level— for those who are constantly improving; for those who know the real meaning of the words connection and technique, for those looking for harmony in music and their dance; for those who are ready to find new muscles and new sensations, but instead restful weekend dance till you drop; and you are well-known in WCS dance community not only in your own country, but also around Europe or even the World. For all those who have already earned at least one WSDC point at level Intermediate. The program - "pitfalls" on the road to success, the nuances of lead / follow, the possibility of dialogue in the couple and particularity of contemporary music. Just join!

Intensive course

This intensive course is full of information and new knowledge. It will help you to improve your own dancing skills and let you reach the next level. Our PRO's make you work and think about a little bit differently. This is your chance to find your way and understand where to go.

Things to know

  • There are 3 classes in the course: 1 with Olivier & Virginie and 2 with Jordan & Tatiana.
  • Intensive course is purchased separately: it can be purchased in addition to any of the passes. Please check the appropriate option in the registration form.
  • Registration for the course is strictly in couples: be sure to indicate your partner in the registration form.
  • There will be two skill levels:: Novice / Intermediate (NI) and Advanced / All Star (AA) according to WSDC registry.
  • Couples with Intermediate points may be admitted to AA level following the results of the audition.

Level Audition

It will be on time (see your schedule). If you think your dance level high enough despite on the competitive ranking, so, please, don't be late. If you hold Weekend Pass but you will able to come in Friday — do to audition on Friday. Saturday time is precious! Our teachers are strict and fair. During the first day of classes, they will be watching for your perception and might be move few of you up or down, or explain why it is necessary to stay at this level.