WSDC Registry Event

Competitions will be held over the weekend September 9–10, 2016 and to participate only in them we have a special Competition pass.

Friday, September 9: Novice and Open Strictly Swing.

Saturday, September 10: Jack-n-Jill Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced / All-star.

You could compete if you hold any of these passes: Full Pass, Turbo Pass, Weekend Pass, Competition Pass or Party (Tusa) Pass.

Participation in competitions are paid in addition:
JnJ's: 10 € per person (prepaid), 15 € per person (before comps)
Novice and Open Strictly Swing: 20 € per couple


West Coast Swing Jack n' Jill

Jack n' Jill competitions are designed to highlight skills in spontaneous WCS dancing and the ability to dance well with a variety of partners. Competitors enter as individuals, are randomly assigned partners and dance to music a few times. Some ‘luck of the draw’ comes into play as well. Male competitors must enter as “leaders” and female competitors must enter as “followers”.

Special condition JnJ: we on vacation, so we dance in jeans! ;)

Sunny Side Dance Camp is a World Swing Dance Council (“WSDC”) Registry Event. As such, points are awarded to the winners and place getters (and possibly finalists) of our Jack n' Jill Competitions. The WSDC records and tracks points for every competitor and these points are used to identify the category a person should compete in. There must be a minimum number of five couples per category for points to be recorded. Points will be recorded and tracked as follows:

Tier (number of competitors) 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Additional
Tier 1 (5–15) 5 4 3 2 1
Tier 2 (16–39) 10 8 6 4 2 6th…10th — 1pt
Tier 3 (40 and more) 15 12 10 8 6 1pt to all Finalists

Newcomers Category

A person should compete in Newcomer if they have danced West Coast Swing for less than 12 months and have no points. Placings will be recorded by the WSDC, however points will not be tracked for this category.

Novice Category

A person should compete in Novice if they have earned fewer than 15 Novice points and do not otherwise qualify for the Intermediate category.

Intermediate Category

A person should compete in Intermediate if they have already competed at the Intermediate level and hold Intermediate points(less than 30), (and don't qualify for a higher category) or they have earned 15 or more Novice points.

Advanced/All-Star Category

A person should compete in Advanced if they have already competed at the Advanced level or they have earned 30 or more Intermediate points.

If you want to enter a category for which you do not meet the entry requirements stated or want to change categories (If you are not comfortable dancing in the division and would like to dance up or down), you may submit a petition by sending us an email with a brief explanation of the reason(s) for your request. The Chief Judge will consider your petition and approve or deny your petition based on your reasons and dance history. Please note, if you have petitioned to dance at a higher division at one event you may still need to petition at future events until you can prove you worth it getting placed.

Strictly Swing

Open Strictly Swing Category

Strictly Swing competitions are designed to highlight skills in spontaneous WCS dancing with a chosen partner. Swing dancing that encourages lead and follow partner dancing at its best. Although swing includes amalgamations and patterns that are familiar to many dancers, the essence of lead and follow must be maintained in and out of these patterns. Competitors enter as couples and dance to music selected by competition DJ. Improvised choreography is the objective. Pre-choreographed routines are not allowed. Couples must maintain physical contact except for spins, turns, short breakaways, and recoveries. Drops, leans, circular movements and other partner weight support moves are allowed.

Costumes are not allowed. However, matching or complementary outfits suitable for social dancing are acceptable. This division will be danced in heats, semi-finals and final as deemed appropriate by the organizers.

Novice Strictly Swing Category

Same rules like in Open Strictly, but this category for Novice level dancers.