West Coast Swing workshops

Dance Camp — is a perfect place to dive into learning. No matter whether you started to dance - recently or you are experienced dancer: everyone will find tons of interesting and useful material to improve their dance. Our teachers are happy to share their knowledge and secrets!

We will have 3 levels of workshops and levels Audition. Now you can register and choose level, you actually feel suitable for you. Our teachers are strict, but fair. Please, follow their opinion. They wish you only the best! ;)
During the first days of classes,they will be watching for your perception and might be move few of you up or down, or explain why it is necessary for you to stay at this level.

How do not get lost:
 Level 2: Beginners / Intermediate - for those,who danced about a year-year and half, who constantly taking classes, knows how to learn and apply your knowledge; who might tried to compete in newcomer or novice divisions.
 Level 3: Intermediate / Advanced - for those, who knows the real meaning of dance Event, who strive to become a better dancer and looking for tecnical perfections feets yourself; you are strong novice or intermediate competitor
— Level 4: Advanced+ - for those, who are constantly improving, who looking in harmony in music and their dance, who are ready to find new muscles and new sensations at your fingertips; you are advanced or all star competitor by WSDC JnJ's 
Full Pass
Everything included:
12 workshops + bonus classes (included also Turbo classes)
All dance parties
The opportunity to compete

Turbo Pass
These classes will make you think, will blow your mind and give you new way to create your style! Are you ready?

This is the pass with only 1 or 2 classes per day, but full of information and new knowledge. It will be enough if you would like to have more time for resting and relaxing. These classes for your grow, they will help you to improve your own dancing skills and let you rich the next level. Our PRO's make you work and think about a little bit differently. This is your chance to find your way and understand where to go. 
Included also all dance parties and opportunity to compete.

Weekend Pass
For those who come just for the weekend, we offer a compact and an intensive program of 5 workshops and also dance parties at Friday and Saturday. Plus the opportunity to compete.

Competition Pass
No workshops, included only two dance party in Friday and Saturday and the opportunity to compete.

Party (Tusa) Pass
No workshops, included all dance parties and also you have opportunity to compete.

Only one level. Mostly for spanish people, but everybody welcome(!), for those who just started to dance west coast swing for few months and wanna get a little taste of Sunny Side ;)  
Schedule will be posted a bit later.
As usual we will have classes in Saturday and Sunday - September 10-11 ;)

Bring you non-dancing friends and they will become your dance family!