2016 Teaching Line-up

Mario & Stephanie Robau

Mario “Swing Daddy” Robau started dancing at the age of sixteen. He won the Southwest Regional title for the first time at the age of seventeen and began teaching professionally in 1986. For the last twenty years, Mario has traveled at least 40 weekends per year judging, teaching, deejaying, and emceeing at various dance workshops and conventions throughout the United States and Canada in the swing, country western, and shag dance circuits. Mario’s Competitive credentials include: 2 time U.S. Open Classic swing dance champion; U.S. Open Team Champion and co-choreographer; 6 time Southwest Regional champion; 10 time Texas State champion; 4 time Grand National Champion; Dallas Dance Hall of Fame; Youngest person inducted into Swing Dance Hall of Fame.

“I have been dancing as long as I can remember. My first exposure to dancing came from my parents. Being Cuban, they would always get together with others from the Cuban community in Houston on weekends to play dominoes and canasta. Around 11:00 pm the ladies would invariably want to dance, so they would move all the furniture out of the living room and start dancing,. Children usually participated since the fathers were always reluctant and I always took my place whether I wanted to or not.

I began breakdancing at the tender age of 8 because it was cool and it allowed me to move to music I liked. By junior high school I discovered that guys that danced got the girls. I figured that while the other guys leaned up against the walls at dances, I would be the one dancing with the cheerleaders.

At the age of 16, my Dad introduced me to swing. He persuaded me to go with him to the Wednesday night dance.During the next few months, my father stayed up all hours of the night showing me contest videos and teaching me every pattern I could handle. I was also very fortunate to work with the “Old Timers” from Dallas and Houston: people who did not do things by the numbers, but by feel. Gary Long was the most influential person in my teaching style for partner dancing. He is probably the most charismatic teacher I have ever seen, and I still enjoy watching him teach whenever I get the chance..”

More info here: www.marioswingdaddy.com

Gary McIntyre & Susan Kirklin

Prior to dancing together, Gary was a multi-time UCWDC World Champion and toured as a dance captain for the Original Broadway Show Swing. He was a choreographer for the Academy Award winning film Brokeback Mountain, the dance double to the lead actor in Love 'n Dancing and also appeared as a dancer in the Jennifer Lopez/Richard Gere version of Shall We Dance. Susan was a U.S. Swing and Cabaret Champion. Together they are unique that they compete and have been successful on three separate circuits: Country, Ballroom, and West Coast Swing. They are World Professional Smooth Finalists, UCWDC Classic Masters World Champions, Classic and Showcase Swing Champions, and U.S. Open Swing Cabaret Champions.

More info here: www.garysusandance.com

Olivier Massart & Virginie Massart